November 25, 2010

Pass the Torch, and the Green Bean Cassarole

Well, hello 30s, when did you get here?  Usually, you bring kids, minivans, and play dates.  Maybe that's why I didn't see the swing in holiday traditions take place until just the other day.  We've already talked about how I'm not going to breed, being a card carrying member for the Child-Free club and all.  I also seem to surround myself with others who are also childless and share my joie de vivre.  We live youthful lives, taking the time to play when needed.  Ok, enough backstory.

This year saw a total of four Friends and Family Thanksgiving dinner invitations, replete with all the fixins' a corn fed Midwestern woman could want.  Oh, carb coma paradise!  Nowhere in that list was a trip out to the Fortress of Attitude, also known as my parents' house.  Times, they are a changin'. 

I don't consider the easing into another stage of life something to mourn, just notice and appreciate.  I look forward to sitting on couches with my pants unbuttoned, cussing a blue streak about how I shouldn't have had three helpings of turkey and two slices of pie*.  I look forward to gathering around fireplaces of my nearest and dearests' living rooms, telling stories from the years previous.  I also am happy for my parents and how they can finally, after all the years over the stove, jet off to the mountains for an intimate dinner just for two.  Family is blood, and friends are the family you can choose. 

Happy Thanksgiving Internetland.  Pass the pie and gas-ex.

*Edit, three slices of pie.  *groan*  Oh Key Lime, your temptation is too great!

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